Furniture care

Oils and other wood finish

A small amount of care can be needed if you want to keep your wooden items in good condition or if you want to give it a refreshing look.

We always provide informations about which wood finish was used for each product so you can keep caring for it and make it a long lasting object.

Linseed oil and paraffin oil

Oil tend to wear out with time, mostly on objects being washed or dished. You can apply another layer when the wood dries out. To do so, dry the surface of the wood, apply a generous layer of oil and let it soak for 30 minutes. Then wipe off all of the excess oil with a cloth and let it dry between 24 hours to a week.

Beware to soak your cloth or wipe in water before throwing it away and preferably throw away in a metal tin with a lid. As linseed oil on a cloth has the potential to self ignite.

Hardwax oil

Hardwax oil includes Osmo or Ateljé Ask homemade wax. It can wear out over time and be in need of another layer. If the wood is damaged, you can sandpaper where needed first, and finish with a 240 grit.

For the finishing, you should apply a thin layer of wax with a cloth onto a clean, dry wood. Then, use a dry cloth and wipe off any excess until you get a smooth and slightly shiny surface.

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Wood movement

Wood reacts to humidity and can change shape if it is in a very dry or very humid environment.

Smaller objects such as wooden bowls and plates should't be soaked in water. Instead, dish them by hand with water and mild soap and dry them directly afterwards.